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Our Clients

(Current clients: please login to our portal or contact us to request access.)

Our clients like what we do for them. They say things like...

"We had the co-op undertake additional work to install a communication channel in the other direction, from the supplier's database into the Koha acquisitions module. The process is amazingly straightforward" - Library Manager, London

"Since employing the co-op to manage our website our company has seen a number of benefits, including:

  1. Marked increase in Sales through the website;
  2. Positive feedback from customers on look and usability of site;
  3. Reduction in administration task as a result of automating stock control and so on.

[After four years with us], the co-op continues to provide first class support, reacting promptly to resolve hosting and other urgent website issues." - Web Shop Owner, Eastern England

"The server seems a lot faster for ftp upload, and I am loving the new stats ability for subdomains!" - Website Owner, after the co-op helped migrate his Plesk-based server to a debian-based one.

"three cheers for [software.coop member] MJ Ray, who suggested we switch to git for the Koha project - what a difference it has made!" - Software Developer, Koha Library Software Community

Our clients have included...

  • We are open to all sectors, all industries, and have worked with:
  • professional and cultural institutions, universities, colleges, schools;
  • online retailers, caterers, private individuals;
  • internet service providers, business development advisers, accountants;
  • builders, gardeners, engineers;
  • a magazine, health sector services;
  • churches, monks and a rock band.

The co-op doesn't generally publish our clients' names unless there's a specific reason to do so. Most importantly, this is because we often share responsibility for their online security (particularly online retailers and service providers) and giving scoundrels a list of our clients could make it harder to analyse certain attack patterns.

Secondly, we believe you should not pay people for edited highlights of their past work (does anyone ever publish the whole list?) - it should be based on what they do for you.

Please contact us if you'd like to know more about a particular project.