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Communities and Other Co-ops

We are looking for other similar cooperatives with whom we might be able to collaborate, each doing what we're good at. We're also interested to hear from community groups which we could consider helping. If you know of more, please contact us with details.

This page is specifically about our relationships with other groups. We have more general information about our co-op on other pages.

Supporting Communities

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Turo means tower and our first logo was Greyfriars Tower in King's Lynn, the community where the business started, and we maintain a small information page about it. One of the cooperative principles is concern for community.

We supported the Walks Action Group and Anglian LUG with web development services in the past. Both of these groups helped to strengthen our community and make Norfolk a nicer place to live.

Since moving HQ to Somerset, we've joined the North Somerset Partnership and the North Somerset Initiative.

We welcome applications from other community groups for support or participation - please contact us with your request and it will go to our monthly meetings.

We support software communities by publishing our source code and by being active participants and supporters of democratic communities, as much as our resources permit.

Co-ordinating Co-operatives

We are members of the following groups and networks that might be able to tell you more about us or wider co-operative subjects which affect us. We offer other members of these groups discounts on most services.

  • CDA in the Councils that Used to Be Avon (CUBA) send us news and list us in their directories.
  • We are a member of Somerset Cooperative Services
  • We are a member of Co-operatives SW, the regional co-ordinating co-op for our HQ. One of our workers was a director 2006-2010.
  • We joined Co-operatives NW after the addition of a Cumbria-based worker. One of our workers is a director there in early 2011.
  • We are a member of Co-operatives UK since they started accepting LLPs.
  • We are a member of the tech-coop mailing list.

Co-operatives We Like

Bristol Wireless Community Cooperative
A co-operative set up to develop a free-to-access broadband intranet using radio, with the emphasis on supplying ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) that are relevant, permanent and affordable to communities that find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide.
Workers cooperative formed in 2009, selling free software hardware and support in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Bristol IT Co-Op
Workers cooperative formed in 2000. Maybe currently idle.
Cooperative Development Bodies
The Creative Coop
The world needs BIG Social Ideas. We trade in ideas that we believe in. We work with social entrepreneurs who need help telling their story. At the Creative Coop we know that the more people get your idea, the more likely you are to maximise it's social impact. With this in mind, we create communication tools to suit projects of all stages of growth, whether your idea be ready for branding and rollout or fresh off the back of an envelope.
The Tech Co-op
Vancouver BC Canada. Seems to offer similar services to software.coop - local support, hosting and web application development. Seems to have both consumer and worker members. They have a unique focus on Common Lisp.
The Open Co-op
It seems a grand plan, but I'm confused about what sort of cooperative they are and what they do.


The following are not cooperatives but may be interesting too.

Community Interest Company with an office in Bristol, offering services only to social enterprises.
Chester County InterLink (CCIL)
All-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1993 by Jordan Seidel and Eric Raymond.

If all else fails, search these. Remember: most of what the big search engines call "co-op search" is a collaborative search and not a search for co-ops!

Or you can read more about our co-op...