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What To Get When Buying A Website

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Things to include as required items in your web development contract:

  1. Validated Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (xhtml) 1.0 or later
  2. Validated Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 2 or later
  3. Verified Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0 or later
  4. All source materials given to you in open formats, with copyright licensing

All of our web developments come with all of these, unless we're asked to do otherwise!

Why You Want Them

Please ask us if you would like an alternative explanation or more detail on any topic:-

1. Validated xhtml 1.0 or later

Extensible Hypertext Markup Language is the current mainstream standard for web page text.

First published in 2000 by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), xhtml is now widely supported by web browsers and offers many advantages over the earlier HTML standards. It is simpler for computers to interpret and for webmasters to extend, which can help open your web site to handheld devices and new features.

You can check whether your pages are valid with the W3C validator service.

2. Validated CSS 2 or later

First standardised in 1996, Cascading Style Sheets tell browsers how to display the web page text - what fonts, sizes and styles to use, where to place things and so on. By using CSS, the same basic design can be used across all displays (screen, printer, spoken, handheld device, TV) with differences as appropriate.

You can check whether your pages are valid at the W3C CSS Validator.

3. Verified WCAG 1.0 or later

This helps to check that your web site can be used by as many people as possible, including those with sight, hearing or motor impairments. Designing for one browser or computer type is the web equivalent of allowing only people wearing red jackets into your shop. You can reach more people by making your web site accessible to all.

You can see the guidelines in full in the W3C report.

4. Source materials

It's always a good idea to ask for a copy of your site and all source materials (large-scale copies of photographs and so on) in open formats. Typically, this will be given to you by email, as a download from a web site or on CD-ROM, either in stages, or at the end of contract.

Your contract could be for just the initial design and upload, or could be for a year's hosting. After that, you can shop around more easily if you have the source material.

Be careful about copyright: make sure that you have permission to continue using the source materials and web site after your contract ends.

README, INSTALL, NEWS and Changelog files

These files describe the general site design, how to install it on a new web server, what major changes have been made and the detail of those changes. These files will make it cheaper if you ever want or need to get a new webmaster.

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