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Webmastering - including web design, content management, web hosting, domain name registration, web application development, CGI/PHP programming, access log analysis and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), all with a cooperative twist which empowers you to take control if you want to.


Koha Installations and Programming - innovative web-based MARC- and Z39.50-enabled open public access catalogue (OPAC) / library management system (LMS).


E-Commerce - we've years of experience of selling online, using OSCommerce, framework-based sites and lightweight blog-based solutions.


Social Media - blogs, newsletters, web2.0 services, social networking sites and more. Social Media seems to be the best way to build a long-term readership for a website.


Telephone and Internet Services as agent 471 of The Phone Coop: a full range of residential and business services.


Server Management and Technical Support Service - including regular system administration, server and workstation management, troubleshooting, debugging, new installations, securing email, performance testing and combatting spam.


GNU/Linux and selected other software, made to order. Customised debian installation CDs and other Live CDs are available. Ask on our enquiries form.