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Domain Names

The Domain Name System (DNS) converts human-friendly web addresses like www.software.coop into computer-friendly Internet Protocol addresses like To get a memorable web address, first register a memorable domain name. To register, you need:

  1. a registrant - that's the owner of the domain - that's you. (Or at least it should be. If anyone else tries to put themselves as registrant on your domain, run away and complain about them. You don't want your web developer owning your name.)
  2. a registrar's agent - that's who sells the domain to you - that's us! (Or at least it should be. We give a good service at a fair price with as much or as little support as you want.)
  3. nameserver hosting - we'll include this with a domain name if you need it. We'll include this with hosting if you need it. We'll stay out of the way if you need it.

Unrestricted Domains

Most domains are unrestricted domains. They end in things like .com or .co.uk and don't have special requirements on the holders (except maybe needing an address there).  We can register 57 types of unrestricted domain names for you at competitive prices, including .asia .at .be .biz .cat .cc .ch .co.uk .com .cz .de .es .eu .fr .im .in .it .info .it .jp .li .lu .me .me.uk .mobi .name .net .nl .nu .org .org.uk .pl .re .ru .tel .tv .tw and .us

All unrestricted domains come with 5 mailboxes and a basic self-build website service free if you want them, or you can upgrade to one of our other hosting packages (with a choice of DNS server software including the widely-used BIND), or you can continue to use any other suitable hosting you want.

You can also transfer domains you already hold to us for a small admin charge. We do not charge an exit fee if you transfer away, even though we don't think you'll want to leave.

Sample Prices (as at March 2011)

Managed service: £17.84 per year for .uk domains, minimum 2 years; £26.21 per year for .com/.org domains. Other prices on request.

Transfers from other providers: £7 for .uk domains; £14 for .com/.org domains; other prices on request. Please note that some other providers charge exit fees - it's nasty, but it happens, so please check for it.

Self-service: from £4 per year for .uk domains. Other prices similarly reduced. Our prices are inclusive - please make sure you add any relevant taxes to other providers' prices. If you can't see whether taxes are included, why not switch to a fairer provider...?

worker co-op]The self-service option is for experienced users who know their registrar from their registrant and are happy updating their domain on a web control panel. If we're asked to manage a self-service domain instead, it would be charged again at the managed service price above. We offer this because we can reduce prices for all our customers if we sell more domains. Co-operation is good for everyone!

To buy domains (and/or hosting), please contact us.

Special Offers

New unrestricted domains come with a free 1-year SSL certificate which you can use for a wide range of tasks, such as securing your email access, or running a web shop, subject to having suitable hosting services.

We have a variety of special offers which change fairly frequently but are included in our email newsletter. Please contact us if you would like to receive our email newsletter.

Restricted Domains: dotCoop

We sell dotCoop domains for £75 to co-operatives, their subsidiaries and other eligible organisations.

We are currently setting up transfer capabilities. Please note that it often takes much longer to transfer a dotCoop domain than an unrestricted domain, due to the as-slow-as-permitted service by some registrars. In theory, it will take a week, but please allow a month for a transfer.

Online registration of dotCoop domains is coming soon (but we're pretty quick at manual registrations if you ask us).

Questions or Purchasing

To buy domains or ask questions, please contact us. If you need hosting for your domain, we can supply that too.