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Hosting Services

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Hosting Services

This was the co-op's first job, running hosting services for people. A general-purpose hosting service is somewhere to put your website for people to view, somewhere to store your email while it waits for you to collect it and somewhere generally to keep your place on the internet without you having to be online in a fixed location all the time.

We've been doing this a long time and we know what we're doing. We've seen it all, rescued some clients from some pretty gnarly scrapes and come out the other side. Because of our experience, two of our members are on-call at any time, getting text messages and emails from our performance monitoring service (which runs on hardware we own), ready to instruct our clever server configuration management systems.

All customers get access to our client portal, plus technical support customers get direct access to our on-call members.  Our client portal lets you manage your account if you want (or we can do this for you) and our monitoring systems will keep you informed.

We offer a wide range of hosting packages tailored to your needs, ranging in price from basic hosting for £35/year to high-powered dedicated servers for £POA. Please contact us with some details of your needs and we'll suggest the best option(s), whether it's on our hardware or equivalent hardware we resell.

We also have specialised ready-to-run hosting for social media/blogs, E-commerce sites, Content Management Systems, web applications and Koha library catalogues and we sell domain name registrations.