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Koha: Free Software LMS/ILS

Koha is...

[books] Koha is an award-winning library management system (LMS) maintained by a world-wide community of contributors, including us, software.coop in Europe. We've offered a hosting service, bespoke training and support since 2003 and have developed a fascinating range of extensions, including radio-frequency ID tagging, improved borrower management tools and ordering over electronic data interchange. We were the UK's first Free and Open Source Software LMS company - where we've led, others are now following.

  • Full-featured: Built around standards like MARC21 (see the manual for details of all of them)
  • Scalable: In use with tens of millions of records with suitable hosting.
  • Social: Ready to send news and search results from your catalogue to other web pages with RSS feeds and more.
  • Literate: Easy to use with reference management software like Zotero.
  • Free and Open Source Software: Released under the GNU GPL, so it can be hosted by us, by you or moved between the two, as you wish.
  • Extensible: you can add some features by using community contributions in the admin interface, or hire us to develop Koha further.
  • Stable: But monitored 24x7 by our Network Operations Centre, just in case.

Our clients say things like...

"We had the co-op undertake additional work to install a communication channel in the other direction, from the supplier's database into the Koha acquisitions module. The process is amazingly straightforward" - Library Manager, London

Koha Hosting

TypeInitial importIncluded supportIncluded trainingPer month
Educational Library
up to 5000 items
up to 1h/month
not included£120Buy now
Small Library
up to 5000 items
up to 3h/month
one afternoon
Buy now
up to 3h/monthone afternoon
Ask now
as many or few as you wish
as much or little as you wish
as much or little as you need
Ask now

How To Order: Once we have your details, we ask for any further details we need (usually by the next working day) and then send you a proposal. The first "per month" payment is normally due on commencement of work and the setup fee is invoiced once the import is complete.

Authorised: All of our packages use the current official version (buyer beware the unofficial restricted-access versions with somewhat misleading names such as "OurCompany Koha", "enterprise Koha" and "Koha premium"). 

Backups: Full featured, automated and reliable.

Bespoke Training: Our highly regarded training is tailored for your needs. 

Consultancy: Development or additional support services are available on request - please ask.

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