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Phone Services


Fixed and Mobile Phones and Internet

We sell Telephone Services as agent AG 471 of The Phone Coop. Working together, we can offer a full range of residential and business services, including Line Rental, Calls, Broadband, Dialup and Mobile.

The Phone Coop is a company owned by its customers and if you buy from them, you can own it too. Their services tend to be priced fairly, without the cheaper-at-first gimmicks that you see some other providers offering to trick you into a bad deal.

We take a keen interest in their business, attend their AGMs and so on and you can often read about phone-related developments on our news website or contact us to ask questions.

Order through this special link, or quote "AG 471" when ordering over the phone to get a £10 gift from us. In return, your future purchases will give our co-op money which we use to fund our community work.

If you're looking for hosting or technical support, we can do that too.