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Server Management and Workstation Support

All of our workers can help you with GNU/Linux troubleshooting and system administration, including Internet-connected systems and firewalls, from our bases in Somerset, Cumbria, Edinburgh and London, UK.

A Customer Says...

"The server seems a lot faster for ftp upload, and I am loving the new stats ability for the sub-domains!" - a customer in Kent who we helped migrate from a Plesk-based server to a debian-based one.

GNU and Linux


Our preferred operating system is GNU with Linux, which we have been using for many years. We have experience of running these systems in a wide range of situations, building systems from scratch and producing our own distribution CDs. Today, we recommend Debian GNU/Linux and products based upon it, but we can work with a number of other systems.


For the most common scenarios, we can automate administration with free-to-use control panel software, or with other common systems such as LDAP, NIS, cfengine and Puppet.

We make debian packages. We've been doing that for years. Having software packaged makes it easier to install automatically and easier to update. Some of our workers' packages are in debian.

Email Servers

We have years of experience of managing Email Servers, including the popular Exim, Postfix and Sendmail systems. On top of that, we can deploy and support a wide range of email-based services, including auto-responders, spam filters, bulk senders and list servers. We are one of the developers of a distributed email list server, used by the Scheme UK programming group.

Web Servers

As web developers, we are particularly interested in the software that takes our work to the reader. We have experience with a wide range of web server software, databases for the web and load-balancing solutions. There are too many to list here, so please contact us with any questions about particular software. You may like our web development page too.

Do It Yourself

If you want training so you can run your own server, or you just want occasional troubleshooting, we're happy to do that too. Contact us for more information about our training services.

Other software

From databases to schedulers, from enterprise servers to PDAs, we've developed for a very wide range of projects. Our ultimate guarantee is that if we can't help, we'll try to find someone else who can.

If you have a problem, or if no-one else can help, then maybe we can solve it: our question form