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Web Development, Web Design and Web Apps

We offer a range of clean, uncluttered web applications that work well and can form the basis for your popular web site, helping your message to reach more people. That's what's important: getting your message  through: not some web developer's latest cool trick.

Web design
logoAsk us to explain in plain language what web technology means, and see our briefing notes on what you need to run a website, or what technical features to ask for when buying a website.

Main Types of Website

  • our slick content management system (CMS) makes it easy to get your message across, with in-page what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editing features and extension modules like forums, blogs and photo galleries.
  • specialist blog hosting is a fast and relatively cheap way to build your social  media profile, holding both basic background information and a steady stream of news updates about your business.
  • co-op online surveys are a good way to collect your data in a secure, accessible and easy-to-download way, hosting in Europe.

We can customise any of the above using your existing design style to inspire the web design, or we can work with a web-friendly designer to create something new for you with new artwork and photography as necessary. We're also able to develop completely new web applications, although that takes a little longer.

Please contact us to get started improving your website.


We offer a wide range of hosting. Currently (March 2011) low-cost high-support starter hosting costs from £90 annually, including 9 mailboxes and mailing lists. We also offer other specialist hosting, including prices for micro-hosting (5 or fewer pages, one contact form, web-based editing only) and larger websites on request.

We can register domain names with most endings, as either self-service or a managed service.

All our prices are inclusive and come with reasonable support and monitoring, so please make sure you are comparing like with like if you look at other providers.