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Content Management Systems and Applications

Web Sites and Web Applications

[django]We develop Content Management Systems and other applications with the django web framework. Django "encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design" as well as fitting with the software.coop development promise.

Django automates repetitive tasks in a reliable way, reducing the risk of mistakes and improving development speed. There's a large library of django extensions that we can reuse or adapt, so we can concentrate on developing the distinctive areas of our clients' websites. We've already done quite a few (including our own website), so we've got lots of parts ready to use.

If you have a web application you would like us to develop, please contact us with details.

Sample Web Applications


Some of these websites were developed with HeadWeb.

Other Systems

We also use other specialised software to host surveys, blogs and library catalogues, although we can use django for those too. if it meets your needs better. We offer simple hosting if you would like a lower-priced basic web presence.