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E-Commerce Website Development

We would love to help more web shops. We have offers for new-build shops and for owners who are interested in moving their existing products database into a new shop powered by "Satchmo - The webshop for perfectionists with deadlines". Please contact us with some details about your shop to ask for current offers.

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Until 2009, our main web shop service was OSCommerce, mature web shop software that has been used on over 200,000 sites worldwide. It is customisable, with more than 5,000 contributions available on the official site, including payment gateway integration with all the major services (including SagePay/Protx, Paypal, Google and more). We still offer support for this, especially if you are interested in transitioning to another

We also support some other webshop software, both bespoke and framework-based.

A customer says...

"Since employing TTLLP software.coop to manage our website our company has seen a number of benefits:

  1. Marked increase in Sales through the website.
  2. Positive feedback from customers on look and usability of site.
  3. Reduction in administration task as a result of automating stock control etc.

software.coop continue to provide first class support, reacting promptly to resolve hosting and other urgent website issues. In addition to this they continue to offer excellent advice with many of the recommendations made implemented by our company."

Typical Online Commerce


We've been working for a number of years with on-line retail environments, so we have been able to create packages of cooperatively-developed software to deliver affordable electronic retail at both entry level and for larger commerce sites.

This includes all the basic components for the creation of a successful online shop, reducing the level of technical knowledge needed to create the electronic store for your customers to visit. From the supplied templates, we will craft the site to provide an experience that your users will find both user-friendly and straightforward, under your corporate brand.

You can use your administrative pages to populate the site with the product information and images for your customers. The site includes the ability to upload to major commerce search engines and select which products you wish to be included.

Web Templating

Don't want or unable to produce the templates for your site? Have us do it for you. Site templates can be crafted to suit your corporate image whilst keeping in line with current issues for disabled access to your site and maintaining the latest in web standards.

If you need a new corporate image, we can refer you to web-friendly designers for further consultation.

Payment Gateway Integration

There are many different merchants that can be used for electronic sales. We have experience in the integration of sites with a number of them and can recommend suitable merchants that can be supported by the base install without the requirement of extra payment gateway integration. We are equally aware that you may have your own preference for a banking service and we can use the open software platform to configure it to support them.

SSL Service Certificate

As part of the base installation, you need a certificate for your web site if you want your customers to distinguish between you as the legitimate retailer and not a fraudulent imitation. This certificate is usually signed by a certificate authority who registers and verifies you for a period of one or more years, depending on the service you select.

Prices vary widely depending on type of certificate, but an entry-level certificate is fine for most shops and costs less than some domain names.

Domain Hosting

If you want to host your online retail site on a remote service, we can provide hosting for both small and large commerce sites. Due to the wide variation of technical needs of our customers regarding domain names, site size, expected traffic and response, we price this on your needs and the technologies used, keeping in mind any budgetary restrictions, to give you the best service at the best price which is right for you.

We use cooperatively-developed software platforms and development on these means a more secure and stable environment for all our customers. Our hosting is backed by our technical support expertise. If you are intending to provide the hosting, please discuss your systems with us prior to any purchase, if possible.

Technical Support

As system administrators for online retailers, we are aware that you are more interested in the online shop as a sales method and less interested in the underlying architecture of the site platform. Let us take care of that for you: we can ensure that the e-commerce platform keeps running in a stable way.

An hour a month should cover a small shop's web system for basic maintenance - our billing is based on a rolling monthly costing that keeps prices both accurate and affordable. Require extra work on your site, or want to re-template the whole thing? This can either be done through the site service fee or on an hourly rate that is both competitive and preferential on the basis of being a monthly customer.

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